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Treaty Reinsurance

The placement of Reinsurance on a whole of portfolio basis is referred to as Treaty Reinsurance; this can be placed for all types and classes of Insurance. Treaties can be structured on a losses occurring or on a risks attaching basis.

Wickshire can provide advice on the implementation and make up of reinsurance programs and arrange for the purchase of Proportional, Surplus or Excess of Loss (non-proportional) treaties.


Proportional is where both the insurer and reinsurer share the premium and the losses, non-proportional basis where the reinsurer has an agreed attachment point for losses and a premium which is calculated commensurate with the attachment point. Surplus treaties are structured in terms of line size where the insurer retains an amount equal to one line and the number of lines used is dependent upon the size of the risk within the portfolio. Premium and claims are apportioned between insurer and reinsurer accordingly.


Wickshire has excellent long standing relationships with the professional reinsurance sector (high S&P rated capacity) both locally and throughout the world. We identify and access those markets which have a risk appetite for your particular placement and we work with you to ensure that the most appropriate & cost effective cover is purchased. All work is totally confidential and we will facilitate the process according to our stated “Value add Services”.

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